Why we like David.



There have been few people in my business or personal life that I owe more favors than David Goldman. And since I have known Dvid since high

school, I'm not sure I want to say how many years of payback I owe him. The thing about David is that, he's not the kind of guy who wants or seeks pay back. For him the connection, the favor is what it's all about. It's his joy and passion. When I've had the occasion to work with David's many talented artists-

though professional limitations have not provided nearly enough opportunities to do so - David has come through time again. On time, on budget, with work exactly as requested.
When you do business with David, everything is so easy-going, it hardly feels like business at all. Conversations are just that. In fact, if you've had a hard-nosed negotiation with David, you wouldn't know it. That's how pleasant it is to work with him. He's intelligent, honest, true to his word and kind. If I could wave a wand and make people everywhere into what I'd want them to be, they'd all be like David Goldman.
-Jeff Linder, Creative Director 

The Fresh Produce Group/Agency212

David's direct and clear guidance, along with his vast experience really helped me to fine tune my skills when submitting and negotiating my own contracts. After soliciting him to assist me on bidding two large packaging jobs, I was able to increase my fees, one of which was the largest fee I have ever made on an illustration in my 25 year plus career. I also gained additional knowledge of the right questions to ask, improve my personal contract and as a bonus, developed a friendship with this kind and generous man.
-Cathie Bleck 

I really like David because he sends me lots of funny jokes and pictures. He also reps some pretty good illustrators.
-Jon Roska, Chairman, CEO, Roska Direct Advertising


When I think of David...I see a great big heart...

that's right a great big heart sitting in a swivel chair

surrounded by the art of many and a few muppets

hanging aropund in the background toasting the

good life...

-Richie Havens


You are one of a handful of people in your profession that I truly respect.

-Salvatore Catalano, Co-Chair, FIT Illustration




From my first phone conversation with David I knew that this was going to be an interesting relationship. I had phoned David to ask for his help in finding an illustrator who could represent my client's visual identity system for all of their print and online communications. I was working from home on that particular day. David heard my infant daughter crying in the background. Before even discussing the business at hand, David took a genuine interest in the background noise. He immediately wanted to know her name, her age, which parent she resembled, whether she was on formula or breast-fed! (Yes, I thought that was a weird question also). In a seamless, informative and fun conversation, we discussed the answers to his questions, touched on other topics, and proceeded to the initial matter of my call. David has a way of making you feel like you've known each other for years upon your first introduction to him. He has an authentic desire to learn the human side of the business contact. That sensitivity in finding the humanity makes David special and unique in his approach to business. My role for this particular project with David was to act as the liaison in search of an illustrator for my client, based on some very particular criteria. It was a long challenging, 

and a very stressful process. Throughout the entire ordeal, David was gracious, positive and energetic. He was able to anticipate my concerns and offer a solution. He was determined to help his talent (and me). In the final stages of the search, my client had "basically" picked David's illustrator for the project. I relayed the exciting news. 
The very next day my client changed directions and David's talent was out. Devastated and upset I had to tell David the news. I didn't want to make the call. I felt this surprising change would lead David to infer I had misled him along the whole process. Contrary to my concerns, David was the consummate professional and cordial about the matter, putting my mind at ease. At my most stressful point in the process, David helped me with his positive energyand objective view.  He understood the state of affairs completely , but began working on changing them in order to help his talent.  With his persistence, and my nudging, we got the fickle client to change their mind.  David forges ahead with a well-executed business strategy, sensitive and receptive to the client's inclination.  In the process, he has created long- term relationships, important to business and everyday life.

-Renee Malfi, Brand Director, CoreBrand


I first met David when I was Art Director at The New York Times. Our deadlines were sometimes only hours or a day away and I was told David was the man to call for the most reliable art. I learned that he is a man of his word, responsible and and always managing of expectations. Now as an art

director for TIME magazine, I've had many more opportunities to work with David and win awards -

for work produced by his artists. Every project, and

I mean EVERY project, has left me looking good. He works with the most talented creativprofessionals.





It's nice to deal with a businessman who is a creator at heart, for we speak a common language. Work with David and you'll know your projevt will go smoothly.

-Andrea Costa, Time Inc.


Just a note to say what an unexpectedly important event your visit became. Far from being a straightforward visit from a rep, we (students and faculty) were treated to a talk which I am certain was a life-enhancing event for many people in the audience, AND you gave an afternoon of portfolio reviews which were so appreciated by all of the students.

I personally, will not forget your lecture. I learned so much from it, and it has reinforced my own direction. I want to thank you, on behalf of the Illustration Department for giving your time and advice so freely. There was so much enthusiastic talk in the classrooms in the days after your departure. You gave the students a real "heads up" on the tough reality of life as a freelancer, but you also gave out so many positive messages about creativity and working with people, that everyone was inspired. Thanks again sincerely,
-Allan Drummond, Chair of Illustration,
Savannah College of Art and Design


Out of the hundreds of great qualities about David I've noticed during the past 28 years I've known him, these stand out:

1. Never stops joking! The one-liners never stop whether sitting in an intimate restaurant, a business meeting or quiet museum. The only thing even more hilarious is when we're together, because then I can't stop either.

2. Very talented musician. David is a highly talented and professional musician. I've heard him play his own compositions on the piano that are profound, meaningful and emotional. I've played drums my entire life, and I can confirm that his drumming skills are sky-high whether he's playing Rock or Jazz.
3. Looks at the bright side of everyone and everything No matter what happens in life, David looks at the positive side. He sees the good in people where no others can.

4. Passionate about everything he does
David shows personal excitement and satisfaction in everything he does. Whether selling creative work, playing drums for a talented band, building a Web site or speaking about another person his great exhilaration and enthusiasm is always very contagious.
5. Always a true friend No matter who you are, or how much David has touched your life, it's hard to imagine him not doing everything he can to help you even after you've not been in touch for a long time. You may think he forgot about you, but from nowhere you'll get a call about something he's done to make your life better.
-Joseph Notovitz, Principal, Notovitz Communications


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