Bill Butcher


Since Bill Butcher's graduation from England's highly rated Maidstone College of Art, he has quietly built a most impressive reputation and career in the world of art.


Working from the studio of his long term residence in Clerkenwell London, his work can often be seen in both group and one man exhibitions at prestigious galleries, while he continues to illustrate for important clients in  the UK as well as abroad.


Bill has always had a unique talent for visual story telling with his ability to focus on the idea behind even the simplest of illustrations.

With this focus and skill, he has an uncanny ability to always be on target.  The skill he brings to every job has led him to a long list of happy clients, some of which include:

The Financial Times, The Economist, Phaidon Books, Moet Hennessey and The Wall Street Journal.


With such a broad range of ability, it's only natural that Bill has also been commisioned for many private portraits as well as potraits for Public display, such as the Eminate Consultants of the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.


A hard working, humble man with major

artistic talent!


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