Bruno Mallart


Bruno Mallert is now considered among the elite in the European world of illustration.


He studied with esteemed professors like Roman Cieslewicz and Peter Knapp before  graduating form the (EASG) Superior School of Graphic Arts in Paris, where he now lives and works.


Upon graduation he became a freelance illustrator, working for several children's book publishers and ad agencies in a classical realistic watercolor and ink style.  Eventually, however, he began working in a much more personal and imaginative way, creating his art with a mix of drawing, painting and collage.


His work speaks of a surrealistic and absurd world, in many cases inspired by Jules Verne's imaginative books and writings.


Mr. Mallart's work has appeared in some of the most prestigious French and international publications, including: The NY Times,  Wall Street Journal, Financial Times of London, Telerama, Le Monde, Computer World and The New Scientist.  Hs advertising clients include: Sun Microsystem, Guident, Volkswagon, Dexia Bank, Audi, City of Paris, Sierra Nevada Beer, and Air Liguide.  He also illustrates all Paul Auster's books that are published in France.


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