A number of years ago my magazine redesign business came to an abrupt end. After I exhausted my rolodex I realized that I would have to start looking in new and unusual places. That's when David Goldman, artist's rep for some of the most talented illustrators on the market, and himself energetically the equal of the people he handles, came to mind. I called him: "Look David, I know this isn't your business, but I thought I'd just put it out there that I really need some work-in other words, help!"

It was either later that day or the very next day that David called back. "I just had lunch with an editor at Book-of-the-Month Club who mentioned that she's looking for an art director. I recommended you to her because I think you two would work well together." That was the beginning of one of the best gigs that I've had in the industry. The amount of business that I gave David could never repay him for that introduction. Besides, thats not what he's about.
-Austin Metze, Metze Publication Design

As an illustrator who has worked with David, I know him to be a man who is not only an expert in his field, but who really likes people in general. David is warm, honest, decent, appreciative, and respectful of both artists and clients. His personal ethic is very strong - he's a good guy who likes to help people. David is a talented man of ideas. He's a gifted problem solver. I would vote for him in an election.

-Michael Morgenstern, Illustrator

Why I like David? Hmmn, let me see...My relationship with David began when I was an associate art director at Window Sources magazine in 1994, a time when illustrator reps would knock on your door, literally and figuratively speaking, and meet with you to show their artists' work. From the beginning, I had a feeling that my relationship with David Goldman Agency (DGA) was going to be long term, because they operated by being polite, excited, and a pure sense of understanding your assignment. The group of artists the DGA represents is top notch and cutting edge. No job is too small, or too big. DGA is always ready to work with your budget, and I never feel as though DGA wants to nickel and dime me.

David and I have become friends since that first meeting in 1994, and I have enjoyed our friendship to this day. Whether I call David for an assignment, or to talk about life, he has always welcomed me into his day. It is people like David that give the industry a good name, and knowing he is on the job, and ready to talk with you about anything is a great feeling.
-Roger J. Greiner, Art Director/Publisher


David Goldman has the easiest job in the world: he represents top talent that virtually sells itself. Whenever I need an illustration for a complex financial article, I'm confident he'll have the artist who can turn around a finished illustration in my 2-day deadline. David Goldman Agency is a worry-free source and his great sense of humor makes every call a pleasure. That kind of teamwork and timing is hard to beat.
-David Stokes, Art Director, Investment News

Over the 15 years that I've known David, he's proven his professionalism by demonstrating sincere commitment and the loyalty to the artists he represents and the meaningful connections he develops with his clients. He's a rare one who successfully builds bridges between his clients and artists on emotional, intellectual and artistic levels. Thus his staying power and good connections throughout this ever changing industry are simply remarkable.
-Zulal Z. Biner, Associate Art Director
Better Homes and Gardens

Wow, I don't even know where to begin singing David's praises. I've known David for more years than I can even remember (over 30 probably), through my work at two agencies and some very small start-up ventures. I do remember though I met him through one of his now major, client artists, Norm Bendell. David, while never getting rich on my clients' projects, always treated us as if we were his biggest client. We only used Norm through David for clients such as World Yacht, The Financial News Network, and Program Flea Control. Norm also designed and provided the art for our own agency, Bergelt Litchfield, brochure and advertising trade ads---now that's real proof that these guys will never retire on our income. I like to think that David and I have become good friends over the years, even though I haven't sent business his way in a millenium, now that I'm involved in ventures outside of the agency world. David is one of the special people who always is upbeat, optimistic, and keeps in touch. Whenever he calls he is either looking for fresh new jokes or has one to tell you. Beyond his creativity and sales ability he has a very caring and giving side as witnessed by the many emails dealing with charitable and/or patriotic news and events.
-David Venghaus, President and CEO
Performance MediaWorks LLC


Always ready to pull the trigger with a new joke (no moldy figs). Knows the business, but he always keeps it light. A true pleasure to deal with. Besides, a guy who eats nothing but nuts, bark and seaweed can't be all bad. Those artists are lucky to have a guy who puts his heart into it.
-John Bergstrom, Hiillstream LLC


Honest. Trustworthy. Good taste. Fun.
-Susan Trevithick, President Philographica, Inc.


As an Art Director and then a studio owner, I have worked with David and his staff for close to 20 years. His illustrators are of the highest caliber and he is a true professional. I consider him part of the team whenever we work together helping to provide solutions to difficult illustration problems that we have to solve for our clients. 


Whenever we take on a redesign or launch of a new publication the David Goldman agency is someone I can count on to deliver a home run when I need it most. He and his network are our go-to guys when we need to make a strong impression. His focus has always been on the work and not the budget, which is rare in today's 'bottom line' world.
-Les McCarty, Director Touch Three

"Let me count the ways" - I would be honored to share my perspective: David and I met over the telephone via my interest in retaining a unique, eclectic and creative design artist or group of artists. Our initial conversations were insightful and meaningful, as opposed to self-serving and edgy. I quickly felt comfortable discussing conceptual ideas and perspective timelines. Even though our project has faced a few delays, David has remained communicative and shared many avenues of activity and potential involvement. I am confident we will accomplish much as a result. I've encountered many professionals with a variety of backgrounds, several would do themselves justice to adapt his skill set and accommodating personality. David, thank you for all you've done.
-Keven Davick


What can be said about David Goldman, besides the fact that he is a pleasure to work with, represents some serious talent both here and abroad and I can depend on him to make sure my artistic needs are met. Personally I love corresponding with David. He's an extremely friendly guy, and more often than not when I call to commission artwork we end up talking about music (a mutual love for both of us), New York, or a totally random subject that sometimes overshadows the whole reason for the call in the first place! I always look forward to the next time I need to dial his number or shoot him an e-mail.
-Julie Fanning, Art Director
The New Physician Magazine

As much as I hate to say it about a guy I've never actually met and owes us a NY steak dinner (Peter Lugers) I have nothing but positive things to say about David's wealth of experience dealing in fine art-and the fine arts for that matter. He's always very thorough and more than patient to those with less years (and grey hairs) than he. His choice in baseball teams is another matter, though.

-Jeff S. Johnson, President The Team, Inc.


I've just returned from the oilfields in Texas testing our new water filtration product, and before anything else I've got to mention David's passion for protecting our environment. I want to say how great and responsive he was in helping us launch our new web site under an impossible time frame and to thank him for introducing us to Joe Notovitz. But he didn't stop there. He went on to engineer a world class product for us by clearly relaying my ideas

to James Yang.
-Dennis McGuire, CEO, Ecospheres Technologies

I've known David for a lot of years on many different levels -- sometimes purely professional, other times deeply personal -- but the qualities that have always, and continue to impress me are his energy level and his conviction to the people in his life. This is why I felt comfortable introducing him to James, I knew that his career would be in the right hands. He's a humanitarian first, promoter and salesman second -- a very close second.
-Jerry Tortorella, Creative Director


For me, a call to David is a call to a trusted friend. No matter how busy he is, it's relaxed and reliably pleasant. His insight and advice lead to enhanced solutions and his flexibility makes life in the laid-back, stress-free ad business even easier.

Our firm does a fair amount of work with Norm Bendell through Goldman's agency, the interaction with Norm is also a delight. These talented, intelligent folks get it right and make it fun in the process!
-Dan Susslin, Messer Susslin & Others


David Goldman and I have been friends for twenty years. As a professional, he is smart, savvy, fair and honest. As a person he is the same and then some. David is a 'big soul" and his generosity of spirit touches anyone who is lucky enough to be around him. His good cheer in handling life's sometimes rocky road is an inspiration. Long may you run!
-Karen Jones, Freelance Journalist

I have worked with David Goldman for the past 4 years and it's been a TRUE pleasure!!!! From the first phone call I liked him and felt really comfortable talking with him. I've never met David in person, but I feel like I've known him for 50 years. He is the most sincere, ethical and kind businessman I've ever dealt with. He always knows what's best for my organization and he proves it each and every time. David really gets to know his customers and he has a gift for turning customers into friends. I truly believe what he tells me he would tell his own mother - because it's the truth! That's why I like David Goldman!
-Becky Young, Marketing Director


David is my edge when competing against other artists for a project. Through our partnership, we have landed major assignments and budgets that I know I could not have acquired on my own. It's amazing what he has been able to achieve negotiating on my behalf-even convincing a client to bring a cancelled dream project back to life. One of the things that I love about David is that my clients are as impressed with him as I am. Like me, they appreciate and frequently rely on his vast knowledge of the business.
-Timothy Cook, Illustrator


David Goldman is very in tune with the arts. KIS Creative met David through one of our clients (Columbus Symphony Orchestra, GA) and 4 years later it is still an enjoyable experience. He is so accommodating, you would think he is right around the corner!
-Sally Morgan, KIS Creative, Inc.


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