Ron Rundo


Ron Rundo got the inspiration for his future career in art from the streets of  New York City while growing up in the "Concrete Jungle".

He's now a successful painter and sculptor

based in Long Beach NY.  A visionary artist with a distinctive, metaphorical style akin to the old master's traditions.  He always strives to enhance and heighten the beauty found in the ordinary and elevate it to the extraordinary by creating works of art that challenge the viewer to engage in inner scrutiny. 


During a career now spanning 27 years,

he's developed a broad palette of expertise in all forms of visual expression, including sculpture, oil on canvas, watercolor and mixed media.

A few of his notable clients include: Scotto Brothers, Ruth's Chris, Marsha Brown,

Inter-governmental Philatelic Corporation

(IGPC), Shubert Foundation, Beth Donner Design, T. Murao Design, Steve Carl, Galleri Zuger,  Ernest Newman Studios, United States Olympic Committee, El Santuario De Chimayo,  Westminster Collections and City Aquarium

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