A boutique agency

with great talent and

personal service.


That was my vision when we established in NYC back in 1980. To create a small agency representing world class talent and

offering great personal service to clients.


That philosophy has led us to represent a

small, elite group of the world's premier professional illustrators, designers and TV

show creators. The artists we discovered and represent have been honored with 450 awards for excellence in illustration and design.  More importantly, they've helped our advertising clients to set sales records 

and publishers to sell millions of books.


My specialty is knowing how to help our potential clients to find the right artist, then structure the perfect arrangement between artist and client.  As such, I've been involved in thousands of negotiations, some have even helped open the door to record setting deals for both artists and clients.


My goal is always to facilitate dealings, and a background in psychology affords me the enhanced ability to be a good listener, to understand peoples needs and to be able to communicate clearly with them.  My own extensive knowledge of print and electronic media is also of great value to clients.  This includes expertise in the diverse worlds of advertising, promotion, book and periodical publishing, animation, design, licensing and TV property and brand development.


I have enjoyed many enriching, decades-

long friendships with clients who rely on me and my talent 24/7 to put out fires for them.

Since 1998, I've also been heavily involved with developing and producing television properties, four of which have made it to air.

I am one of the very fortunate people in life

who truly loves the people I represent and

wakes up each day with a passion to help

my talent and art buyers alike.

                                           David Goldman


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